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Banggogo is an entertainment entity striving to bring the best music and video to the masses.


Some pictures of some of the club members are shown here:

Shown here from left to right is Keith and Jeanine Hoffmann, Bags, Scott, Joe, Debbie, John (Bighead No More), Becky, Risty, Ruthelen, Jennifer, Dane, James and Kiara (who is looking at the camera).


Shown here is our newest DOTMC member, Ethan Van Doeselaar, along with his Mom, Rena, and brother Ryan.


Shown here is one of our newest DOTMC members, Victoria Spiegel.

Shown here is our newest DOTMC member, Ryan Van Doeselaar.


Shown here are members, from left to right, Risty Perez, Debbie Spiegel and Bags.



Shown here are some members, from left to right, Steve Silvestri, Jim, Jim's friend, Debbie Spiegel, Scott Spiegel, Rena and Scott Van Doeselaar, Risty Perez, Michelle Parker, Ali (McBeal) Boldt and Pete Lauenstein.


Shown here are members Ruthelen, Rachael, Derek and Dane Johoske.

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Last Updated: June 23, 2007